How do new dancers start? A beginner’s course is ideal, when available.*  Otherwise, come along to our group nights, Thursday nights at 7.30, except ANZAC Day, April 25. Best to ring Helen first on 0403 431942, just in case this is one of our occasional special nights and the class isn’t running. Beginners are welcome to watch until they are ready to join in. All SCD dancers routinely learn dances from spoken instructions and dances are always walked through, so new dancers get a  chance to learn every dance with the group.

*Melbourne branch of the RSCDS runs a Beginner’s Course, usually in April each year. Details

You're Invited!

New dancers are welcome to come along to Thursday nights at Gannawarra Center at 7.30. 

Ready to make a start? Have  a look at our ‘New Dancer’s Very Informal Guide to the Walkthrough’.  This is a hands on short cut to the routine instructions you will hear when dances are learnt.  These are easy moves and once you know them you are ready to join a set. 

New Dancers Part 1

Want to have a look at some dances? There are literally thousands on the RSCDS website, many with links to videos. So many, in fact,  that it is hard to know where to start. Camberley Reel Club in the UK has thoughtfully listed its core dance repertoire in handy categories and is a great place to start. And the dances from the most recent Book from the  RSCDS (currently Book 52, published 2018)  and the previous 2-3 books, are always popular with groups and for socials and balls.

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